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When did your lo naturally drop a night feed?

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MotherofHobbit Fri 14-Jan-11 19:49:33

I've been told now to just go cold turkey by two HVs in a row (at the 6mo and 7mo weigh in).

I'd love for DS to drop the night feeds as he usually wakes twice in the night for a full 210ml bottle. He slurps the lot and goes back to sleep. Failure to give the bottle fast enough or taking it away before he's done results in screaming. Giving him water just makes him cross.

I'm hoping he'll drop them on his own as he's enthusiastically embracing solids.

Am I fooling myself?

AnotherGreenDay Fri 14-Jan-11 22:13:21

My eldest just naturally dropped night feeds, woke less and less and then eventually even the dreamfeed I would get her up to give at about 11pm she would just take a tiny amount and then drift off so I stopped bothering.

My youngest however I went cold turkey with once she was on three meals a day at about 6.5 months (still doing dreamfeed at 11pm with her though). I just couldn't do it anymore, was so tired I couldn't function in the day looking after the two of them and so that feed in the middle of the night just had to go. Tbh, it was easier than I thought it would be and she wasn't as bothered as I thought she'd be. I felt guilty about it but she is fine, v chubby and a smiley little thing so shes ok.

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