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It would be nice

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littlevoice83 Wed 12-Jan-11 19:17:42

after reading some of the issues you mums and dads are having i feel a little guilty about my winge! i have had very little sleep past week and a bit as my 5 month old son is unsettled at stupid oclock and then has 3 good naps in the day!! i have offered to take him down stairs tonight so my hubby can get a good night sleep as he works!

thisisyesterday Wed 12-Jan-11 19:21:40

hey, don't forget you work too! looking after your son is an important job and it's incredibly hard when you're sleep deprived. so cut yourself some slack.
share the night wakings if you can, it'll be a bit easier on you both then.

Holly66 Fri 14-Jan-11 15:11:44

I am with thisisyesterday on this one. You should be sharing the night waking, you are doing a far more important job than him. I made the mistake of doing all of the night shifts when DP was at work but when he broke up for the summer (he's a teacher) and had 6 weeks off he didn't do a single night shift or give me a lie in. It has done a bit of damage to the way I feel about him. He still does nothing to help and it is ruining our relationship. Please don't make my mistake, at least make sure you get an evening off. It is so hard when they go through a bad patch.

My son dropped one of his naps at 5 months, could yours be ready to do the same? Might make him sleep a bit better.

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