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Colic? Silent reflux? WTF???

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matana Wed 12-Jan-11 14:58:47

DS is 7 weeks old, but since he was born he's suffered really badly at night with what i've been thinking is trapped wind. He doesn't cry, bless him, but when i put him down after feeds after midnight he lies there grunting, straining, groaning and generally sounding very uncomfortable like he's trying to bring up wind/ sick or something. It's really loud and is always when he's lying on his back - but only really at night after feeds. After the first couple of weeks tearing our hair out (we really couldn't sleep through it, even if we wanted to - but i just want him to be comfortable) i gave in and did what i never used to agree with - co-sleeping. He lies on his tummy on my tummy and the symptoms disappear. Hey presto we all get some sleep. However, the time will soon come when i want to put him to sleep in his moses basket/ cot all night before he becomes dependent on us to sleep(he currently settles fine at 8pm until about midnight in his moses basket and also at daytime nap times). I've spoken to the GP and health visitor and all they say is that it's colic that he'll grow out of. I've tried explaining that it's not inconsolable crying (he rarely cries), but these awful noises instead. And we've tried Infocol, Gripe Water, Colief and now Dentinox but none of them work. He's a content, healthy baby with normal weight gain and otherwise he's an absolute chilled out little angel. Anyone had any experience of this and what it might be/ what might help before i'm heading for the divorce courts??!!

Chil1234 Wed 12-Jan-11 15:05:10

It does sound like trapped wind. My DS used to struggle with it after evening feeds and I remember holding him upright under the arms and patting his back for what felt like hours every night before daring to lie him down. The 'signs' that he wasn't properly winded were flickering eyelids, a slightly pale/bluish colour to the top lip and a tendency to arch his back when lying down. Infacol etc., had no effect whatsoever, I'm afraid. BTW I don't know if you are breastfeeding but a friend of mine had to change her diet because that was giving her daughter excess wind... too many greens in her case.

doricpatter Wed 12-Jan-11 15:13:44

Ok, if you're breastfeeding there's no evidence that your diet affects your baby (with the rare exception of babies who have specific allergies, but there tends to be other symptoms too). If cosleeping works then don't feel like you'll be stuck with it forever - at 7 weeks this will all change anyway in the blink of an eye. Also, try baby massage - it is fab for windy tummies.

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