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18mth won't sleep

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mumofmaddy Tue 11-Jan-11 15:32:31

I've been advised to post this here so please help!

After sleeping through from 10 months to about 2 weeks ago, my 18 month old is refusing to sleep!
Around 2 weeks ago my daughter, started crying when she was put to bed, after taking the advice of my health visitor I kept returning in to lay her down after each minute and put her dummy back in. This really hasn't helped and it has progressed now to her screaming and making herself physically sick. She can do this within about 30 seconds of me leaving her. She begins to gip and seconds later i have sets of bedding to change! Last night it needed to be changed 3 times. When I finally get her off she awakens a further 2 to 3 times a night, screaming. I started off not taking her out of her cot unless sick, obviously to clean up the mess, I've even tried the stroking of her head and hand until she doses off but the second i move she awakens and screams the house down. I was sitting doing this from quarter past 11 until 1 am the other morning and it was all a waste as she wouldn't sleep. She's not sleeping during the day either except for 10 minutes here and there and I really don't know what to do! I ended up putting her in with me as I needed to get some sleep as I'm up at 6.30 for work. I know this is frowned upon but she has lost 2lbs in the last week or so from making herself ill and I just can't teach a class on no sleep. I'm not getting my work done on a night and really am at a loss. PLEASE can someone help???

AttillaTheMum Tue 11-Jan-11 17:20:02

Exactly a week ago, I put DD to bed and just left her, 20 minutes later i went in and offered her some warm water in a bottle. Every time she woke in the night, I left her for ten minutes before offering her water, putting her dummy back in , kissing her and leaving. Each night her sleep got slightly better. Lat night she slept for 12 HOURS! for the first time ever.

(I know this is different as your DD makes herself sick but I didn't want to read and run!)

Poppet45 Tue 11-Jan-11 18:42:37

Hiya me again, just bumping for you. Can I suggest you also try the search bar above use something like 'cry' and 'vomit' because I know there's been a lot of threads on topics like this. Wishing you the best of luck.

Iggly Tue 11-Jan-11 19:48:18

Separation anxiety? Teeth? Ill? There is also a developmental leap around 18 months which messes with sleep and they need more reassurance.

My DS is going through a phase where he needs a bit more help getting to sleep. So I feed then put in the cot. He wont sleep. So I have to cuddle him, put down then keep my hand on him until he falls asleep and then for another ten minutes at least. Can take a few attempts, but while I'm doing it I keep saying "night night" gently every time he cries for me.

He needs a lot of exercise otherwise can take an age to settle him at bedtime. Can you get her running around loads in the day so she's physically tired?

mumofmaddy Wed 12-Jan-11 23:01:09

She's always non stop so she should be tired but just never seems to be! I don't think it'll be separation anxiety as she leaves me quite fine to go to nursery, however, she won't stay by herself for even a minute. I can't leave the room? So don't know how that links but i'm guessing that's a lot to do with not being left at bed time. She said to me as soon as it was late tonight 'mummy, maddie, lie down' so she was definately tired but didn't want to be alone. I've managed to transfer her to her own bed as soon as she drifted off so hoping for a night of quiet and sleep!
Thankyou to all for your advice - I don't feel as guilty for putting her in with me now and will deal with any bad habits as they arrise and not worry about them beforehand smile

Iggly Thu 13-Jan-11 11:40:59

Sounds like it could be separation anxiety - nursery might be enough of a distraction that she forgets whereas bedtime is a bit different? I hope your night was ok.

KKKaty Sat 15-Jan-11 21:29:08

You have my heartfelt sympathy, that is sooo tough, especially when you are working hard to. For what it is worth, if it makes you feel any better, this seems to be a common phase around 18 months. (Notice 'phase', i.e. it should pass). My DS is 19 months and started this (tho not being sick) at around 18 months. It's taking up to 2 hours to settle him at bedtime and he won't let me or my DH leave without getting distressed. He was pretty good at settling on his own before. I thought I was being a totally useless Mum but then found almost all my friends with kids the same age are suddenly experiencing the same thing. We are all doing the holding hands, staying in the room, pat the back routine too! It does get you down as you desperately need your space in the evening - well I do anyway. But I'm holding on to the fact that it is a phase. I'm co-sleeping at night sometimes too when I need to. Sleep is the priority at the moment and I think we can sort it out later (Mumsnet book on Toddlers is brilliant on this - and made me laugh into the bargain. Thanks Mumsnet! Some helpful and comforting stuff on Babycentre too). Good luck with it all. Mums are with you, Big hug x

daretodream Sat 15-Jan-11 21:33:21

Sympathy here too. I have 16 month Dts - DT1 does this sometimes (the getting very upset, not the vomiting). I just take him in with me - I just find that much less stressful and we all get more sleep that way. It won't be forever. I think it's a combination of sep. anxiety / molars coming through. Generally, if he seems like his teeth are sore too, I'll give him calpol, take him in with me and he generally drifts off within 20 mins or so.

Good luck

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