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when do children give up their day time nap?

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honkytonk Tue 11-Jan-11 14:37:54

My DC2 will be 3 in March but still enjoys a 1 - 1 1/2 hrs nap after lunch and before school pick up of DC1.

DC1 gave up her nap when she was about 2 1/2yrs old and I am wondering what others experiences are?

DC2 is happy to go off for a nap. He goes off ok at night time too. Before Xmas he went for a week without a nap and managed ok.

I personally feel if he needs a nap and goes to bed at night ok then there is not a problem. However others with kids similar ages seem to have given up napping (I have to say not always because DC has chosen too!).

We have all been pretty sleepy since Xmas and I wonder whether we all naturally 'need' to sleep a bit more over the winter anyway?!


IAmReallyFabNow Tue 11-Jan-11 14:40:19

My boys were both 4 when they stopped napping. They went to school in the morning, came home for lunch and then sometimes had a nap. I can't remember when dd gave it up but I would say it was by 3.

TheBreastmilksOnMe Tue 11-Jan-11 14:40:28

Never, hopefully! DS is 27mths now and I will be encouraging him to have an afternooon nap for as long as possible! It keeps me sane and gives me 5mins to myself plus it's good for him too. He's a grumpy sod if he doesn't have it so that tells me he needs it.

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 11-Jan-11 14:41:07

It's one of those piece of string questions I think... Anything from 18 months to 4yrs really.

My DS was still having a substantial afternoon nap at 2yrs, then went down to every other day, but even at 3 would still have the odd nap if we'd been really busy. From 2 he was sleeping 12hrs at night too.

DD has jsut turned 2 and I think may need a little less sleep (but is asleep right now, must go and wake her up for school run)

honkytonk Tue 11-Jan-11 18:43:17

Thanks for replies. It is useful to hear what others experiences are.

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