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22 Month Old - Sleep

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Jules2011 Mon 10-Jan-11 20:16:25

Hi - I am new on here. I have a 22 month old boy who used to sleep ok, but recently he has become a right pain. If he wakes in the night he just stands and shouts and he is sooo loud, we tried keep laying him back down but he would get back up immediately, we have to get him out if bed as we have another son who would get woken up and he goes to school. We stick him in our bed and mostly he goes back to sleep but not always. The waking is anytime from 4am but usually 5.30am.

He has also started screaming at nap time and jumping up and down in his cot . I can't even lift him out if he falls asleep in the car which I always could before.

I have tried keep laying him back down at naptime. Up to 25 times one time, but he gets in such a state. I have also tried putting him down to bed later - he goes at 7 at the moment but he still wakes early and is just grumpy the next day!

My first son had a short phase of this but he would always back down in the end! This one is v stubborn!

Any tips!!

Smartieismycat Tue 11-Jan-11 15:32:19

Hi Jules - our DD 23 months (v nearly 24!)
DD not good at napping, never has been.
Other MNetters know more than me - but thinking could he have have grown out of naps?
Am reading a lot of threads about 22 MO - 2.5 YO's today. Wondering if sleep probs are part oof their development.
We've been doing CC on our DD, and it's working.
She actually seems happier and slept till 7am this morning rather than wake up in night and then wake at 5am

Jules2011 Wed 12-Jan-11 19:38:03

Hi There - It must be a developmental thing as they all seem to be at it! He defo needs to sleep as he is grumpy all day and if I go out in the car he is asleep almost immediately. I think the problem may be that where his nap time would have naturally moved forward from 10ish to 12ish, that is the time when I had to pick his brother up so he was falling asleep in the car and not his cot. Now my other DS is at pre-school longer so unless I go in the car he doesn't nap until 3ish!

It was so much easier with one lol!! I had such a good routine and never had problems. Ho hum - won't be long before he starts nursery that should wear him out for two days of the week!

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