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3mth 30 min naps in day and wakes 2hrly at night

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twigandburp Sun 09-Jan-11 20:35:29

Am also having major sleep problems with DD 2.2 so am posting this about DS 3 mths! DS is only having 30 min catnaps in day and cant get him to bed awake then wakes q 2hrs for bf. 1 or 2 mths ago (all a blur now!) he was going to bed at night awake and would only wake once for a feed in 12 hrs so couldn't believe my luck. has always been a bad sleeper in day but has got worse and because of DD dont feel I have time to teach him to settle himself so he bf to sleep\sling\car or buggy. I can cope with that but think the lack of sleep in the day and the bad habits I've taught him are affecting him at night now. Was hoping he'd find his thumb like DD but not yet and wont take dummy. Any suggestions when you're muddling through the day with a toddler and a baby and no sleep?!!

chabbychic Sun 09-Jan-11 20:36:46

<<<whispers... try him on his tummy>>>>

<<<backs away>>>

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