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rapid return advice

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twigandburp Sun 09-Jan-11 20:24:16

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as feel am falling to bits over the last few days.
2.2 DD1 always been great sleeper (bar the baby days)no probs ever going to bed, strict bedtime routine and naps in cot during day. last 6 wks or so started having what we think are tantrums in middle of night. Is coherent and wants to watch cbeebies\ go downstairs\story etc etc. I could settle her better than DH but she was also teething\lots colds\we were away at xmas etc so she's been in spare bed with dh a few times also, but tantrums then as well. We couldn't cope with this as have 3mth DS (who also has sleep problems!)so started rapid return with dd 3 nights ago. she now doesn't want to go to bed for nap or at bedtime. we've managed to get her down at bedtime but at night when she wakes it has taken literally hours and hundreds of times of returning her to bed with no attention for her to sleep. could even the rapid return be a form of attention she wants? is she just very overtired now and that's why she wont go in bed or have we made her worse? It's so hard to carry on at moment as worrying about everything and is breaking me seeing her so tired.

gummymum Sun 09-Jan-11 20:28:21

Sorry no advice but just wanted to express sympathies - hope you get some help soon x

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