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Ds has lost his voice, not waking me up

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ifaistos Sun 09-Jan-11 05:24:49

9wo ds has lost his voice and sounds like a very quiet cat when he cries. It's not loud enough to wake me up at night. He usually wakes every 2-3 hrs. Tonight I only woke at 5.30am - he went to bed at midnight- and am so worried that he's been crying before and I've slept through. I only woke at all because he was coughing which is a bit louder. To make things worse I've got a horrible cold and my hearing's worse tthan usual and I'm knackered because we've been in and out of hospital with ds over the past few days including two consective nights where I didn't sleep at all. Short of staying up all night I don't know what to do to wake up. I feel so terrible thinking I've left him crying on his own and ill too.

ChippingIn Sun 09-Jan-11 05:28:33

Poor you

Is he in with you?

Was he distraught or was he just coughing in his sleep?

I would say not to worry and that if he's crying he'll probably be coughing too so it's highly unlikely you wont wake up.

If he's not in with you bring him in, if you haven't room for a cot or whatever a drawer will be fine x

ifaistos Sun 09-Jan-11 05:40:49

Thanks chippingin. He's in with us, practically next to our bed. He was awake, crying and coughing. During the night we spent in hospital I had to be woken twice by the other mum in my room because baby was crying and I hadn't heard, that's why I'm terrified that I've slept through now.

ChippingIn Sun 09-Jan-11 06:07:57

Oh poor you it's horrible to feel like you've neglected them, but honestly, it wont do him any harm. Clearly as he's 'in with us' and DH didn't get up to him, dig you in the ribs he's a 'good sleeper' as well! I wish I was <wry grin>

I wouldn't suggest co-sleeping with two heavy sleepers.

A couple of suggestions:

- Set the alarm for the next interval he'd normally be awake.

- Take shifts with DH to be awake

- Do you have a monitor that would work in such close proximity - might be Ok if DS & the transmitting monitor are your side of the bed and the receiving monitor is DH's.

Hopefully his cold will pass quickly and he'll get his voice back!

Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up over it - as much as it seems like it right now, it's not the end of the world and doesn't make you a bad mum OK x

ifaistos Sun 09-Jan-11 17:41:16

Thanks for the reassurance. I do feel like a terrible mum at the moment, but I guess it will pass.
I'm going to set the alarm tonight so will hopefully catch him awake and try the monitor too. DH not likely to be much help, he's a deeper sleeper than me.

gummymum Sun 09-Jan-11 20:40:51

I totally agree with Chipping, you are NOT a bad mum and he is fine - safe and sound in his cot and not in any danger. He will not remember this, nor suffer any consequences from it. There is so much to worry about and stress over, try not to blame yourself. Do what you can and know that he will be fine. All the best for tonight.

Bumperlicious Sun 09-Jan-11 20:46:37

Oh poor lamb! Try not to worry. Don't have any better advice than what's on here so far but just wanted to say you are not the worst mum in the world - I am! I didn't strap my 3 month old into her car seat today blush, so you can't be the worst mum grin

ChippingIn Tue 11-Jan-11 00:28:13

ifaistos - how are you all feeling now?

Honestly - see, you can't be the worst Mum, just look at what Bumper did!!! shock

Bumper - go and look at the 'worst things you've done to your kids' thread - you'll feel much better about it!!

ifaistos Tue 11-Jan-11 19:31:14

Feeling a bit better thanks. I took your suggestions and have the baby monitor connected and my alarm going off every hour just in case. I think I caught most of his wakeups last night. Baby's still not better - he has bronchiolitis - but I think his voice is coming back slowly.
I think I'll go have a look at that thread, cheer myself up.

Bumperlicious Wed 12-Jan-11 22:13:42

Poor you having to wake up so often. The things we do for our children...and the things we don't do, like strap them in!

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