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When did you introduce teeth-brushing after the bedtime feed?

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curlyLJ Fri 07-Jan-11 20:21:28

DD has only got her 2 bottom teeth so far (4 more are just cutting now)

Her current bedtime routine is such that I get her ready for bed, brush her teeth, give her a quick BF and then DH gives her a half-bottle of FF and then lays her down drowsy after this to go to sleep.

AT what point do you have to move things around so that the teeth are brushed after this bottle - I am worried about her teeth, but also know she would be hard to settle if we did it that way round at the moment...

Thanks in advance!

ThatsOuchy Fri 07-Jan-11 21:18:16

My DD was about six months, four teeth. My maternal health nurse was quite insistent on the idea of brushing last thing as soon as she had teeth through, so I was thinking the same as you.
Also, I was really sick of the feed to sleep pattern we'd got into and needed to change that. We did a new routine with lovely story time after BF and tooth brushing all on the sofa then just bed, and, ahem, controlled crying. I was amazed that she took to it within about a week so it didn't feel mean for too felt like she was old enough to deal with the change, in fact we wondered why we'd gone on so long. We then switched BF to a cup of milk without much resistance when weaning, yay!.
How old is your DD? I know they're all so different, but that's how it went for us. Good luck whatever you choose to do.

Greeninkmama Fri 07-Jan-11 21:25:03

I think it is good to start early on - but I didn't. I only started brushing my dd's teeth when my SIL expressed total horror at my slackness (think dd was about 14 months, with first teeth coming through at 5 months). My DD couldn't stand teeth-cleaning, which is why I was so slow in starting the tooth-brushing routine.

If you are doing some teeth-cleaning that sounds okay to me. But what I did do to protect my dd's teeth was give her no sugar (no cake, no biscuits etc), no processed food and absolutely no juice. She has no fillings at the moment (aged 6.5 years).

curlyLJ Fri 07-Jan-11 23:07:57

She's 9 months.
It's not that she feeds to sleep, so it's not about breaking that part of the routine, it's just that the milk makes her nice and sleepy and I feel the tooth-brushing would wake her up to much as she doesnt particularly like it at the moment.

I do brush them morning and night, just not after that last bottle.

i guess once these next 4 teeth are through I will need to address it tho confused

bessie26 Fri 07-Jan-11 23:31:57

I started (attempting to) brush her teeth as soon as the first ones came through, think I added a story to the bedtime routine too at that point to make sure we got some nice cuddle time before bed smile

debka Sat 08-Jan-11 01:28:41

DD has always had her teeth brushed just before her bath. She gave up her last BF before bed at 13mo, and has nothing now. Her teeth are fine (21mo) but I guess time will tell...

My mum did the same with me and I have never had a filling...

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