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Moved overseas and 15 mo DD waking up every hour at night - any tips?

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eskimomama Wed 05-Jan-11 12:35:56

well it's all in the title. 15 mo DD was never a very good sleeper at night, still BFing at night now, but it was "only" 3 times at worst... until we moved overseas.

We stayed with my dad for a month and her sleep routine was all over the place, due to everyone's conflicting schedules, and DD went to bed much much later than usual - around 10pm instead of 8pm. angry
And she started demanding the breast every single time she wakes up, sometimes every hour, and co-slept with me from midnight - in other words I am totally shattered.

I was intending to slowly stop BFing naturally, massive fail! sad

Now we have moved to our own place and started our good old earlier routine again, but it's not working.

I suppose DD is totally confused with all these changes, surroundings, people, houses, bedrooms, etc etc... I would most welcome any experience on the topic, and how long it took you to re-arrange your LO's sleep patterns...


Chil1234 Wed 05-Jan-11 13:59:28

I think you just have to stick with it until the routine is back on course. Shush her gently back to sleep if she wakes rather than offering the breast or co-sleeping because - you're right - it's never really worked (you said she's not a good sleeper anyway) and you need to encourage her to self-settle. A shattered mother is no good for anyone.

I don't think it's a 'failure' to stop breastfeeding for any reason. Good luck

eskimomama Thu 06-Jan-11 11:43:34

thanks chil - I hope it starts working sooner than later, I'm back to that stage where I'm so tired at 2am and does anything that puts her back to sleep. I'm not against co-sleeping or breastfeeding past 15 months, but I would like to gently transition to something else now...
Patience and more patience I reckon ;)

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