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When you are experimenting with your baby's routine do you wake them before you go to bed or leave them?

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Bumperlicious Tue 04-Jan-11 22:25:41

Trying to get DD2 (3 months) to go down in the evenings. Been unsuccessful till now, but tonight she has actually gone down, and been down since 8.30. The question is now do I go to bed, or wake her up for a feed. Usually she doesn't go down till about midnight but will sleep till about 6am. If I leave her she might end up waking me at 1 or 2 which is a hideous time to wake up, but if I wake her up how will I ever know if she will sleep through?

She had a her jabs today and has been pretty sleepy, which I am convinced is the only explanation as to why she has slept this evening for only the second time ever.

ceebs05 Wed 05-Jan-11 01:10:30

I have wondered the same thing but have always decided not to wake her, in case she then decides not to settle back down to sleep. I know some people who do a dream feed though and I think it can work for some. I don't think you will know for sure what will work best for your baby until you try it.

Cosmosis Wed 05-Jan-11 13:18:24

ooh well done I leave mine in the vain hope he'll stay asleep wink

AliceandtheGinormousBaps Wed 05-Jan-11 13:23:22

I have tried doing dream feeds, waking etc, but tbh it just feels like a stupid thing to do iyswim?

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