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Naps, PUPD, routine & still having fun!

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LaTristesse Tue 04-Jan-11 09:49:29

Morning everyone...

With the help of some brilliant advice here on Mumsnet I've started finally to get my 10mo DS to sleep in his cot at night, using PUPD.

I need now to get him to sleep in his cot for naps (as MiL will be having when I go back to work in 3 months time).

I intend trying PUPD for naps too, but my question is: how do you still do stuff during the day (playgroups etc) when naps have to be at set times?

Sorry if this sounds really naive, but up until now DS has napped 3 hours after waking up, regardless of what time that is, and wherever we happen to be. Everything I've read suggests he should be having naps at set times, and I'm happy to try and establish this, but does it mean we have to jack in our daytime fun if it doesn't fit into the schedule (for example we do a playgroup from 9-11 one day, and his nap schedule will be one at 10.30, one at 3pm...)

I understand nap training is meant to be more difficult than night times, but I need to get this sorted by April, or the MiL will be CC with him, and I REALLY don't want that!

Thanks for any advice etc...


InspirationalBreadbin Tue 04-Jan-11 12:20:49

Personally, I don't see why you should have set times. If you know he always wants to sleep 3 h after waking you could tell your MIL what time he woke and therefore when he is expected to nap. You say he naps anywhere at the mo, do you do anything special to get him to sleep then?

LaTristesse Tue 04-Jan-11 12:55:09

I guess I could - I think because she's old-school, she wants a familiar routine - I guess they weren't as flexible in her day!

At the mo, I feed him to sleep during the day (BF) which is what really needs to stop. He's just learning how to self-soothe thanks to the PUPD at night, but otherwise, unless we're on the move (car, puhchair, sling) he relies on a boob to get him off. Obviously MiL won't be able to work with that!

InspirationalBreadbin Tue 04-Jan-11 13:06:16

Errm, no, she won't grin

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