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Is 14 weeks too late to put into a sleep routine?

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rosierosa Mon 03-Jan-11 15:19:12

Hi There,

I have a 14 wqeek old, who was in a kind of routine up until she got to 10 / 11 weeks, then i don't know if she had a growth spurt or something, because she was near on impossible to get to sleep. After spending hours and hours in the day trying to get her to sleep i gave up and rocked her off in the pram, or just took her out for walks so she gets to sleep. I'm going a bit crazy as i don't have any time to myself. Do you think 14 weeks is an ok time to start a routine, am worried that i might have left it too late.

Also, any tips on getting her to sleep would be great, the only way that seems to work is feeding her to sleep and swaddling, but she breaks out of the swaddle these days and it can take hours to get her back to sleep and off to sleep.

Thank you! xx

fifitot Mon 03-Jan-11 20:05:15

If she naps in the pram then why is that a problem? Worked for me. I just worked a walk into my day and baby dozed off.

As for night - well at 14 wks she is still really young and probably finding her own routine. Feeding to sleep is fine too. You can buy bigger swaddling blankets and sleep sacs on the internet which might help you.

I am no expert btw - struggling with a 6m old's sleep but just wanted your post answered!

Serendippy Mon 03-Jan-11 21:44:41

14 weeks is a perfect time to start a routine. She has already had one, after all, and has hopefully gone through the 3 month growth spurt so is ready to go!

If your old routine worked well, try picking it up again, nothing too strict but something that shows her that it is evening and bedtime, maybe a bath, story, feed, cuddle. Baby sleeping bags are great for making babies feel secure and comforted and maybe try using a soft toy or the like as a comforter to put in the cot with her. Good luck!

rosierosa Tue 04-Jan-11 15:52:30

Thank you both, I really appreciate it. I wonder if it was the three month growth spurt that threw us out? Do you know when else they are supposed to happen? I think i'll carry on napping her in the pram.. I juast feel a bit crap at times, as my friends babies all seem to settle themsevles and it makes it tricky to do stuff around the house. I hope your 6 month old gets settled soon and you get some shut eye.. Oh, one last thing, i'm always a worried about putting toys in the moses basket, do you just put them next to them?

Thank you and sorry if i am being thick.. am very sleep deprived and have the flu!

mosschops30 Tue 04-Jan-11 15:55:38

you obviously havent got the fajita trick right grin I can still swaddle ds2 and hes now a big brusing 14months old.
In the day time its the only way I can get him to sleep, and thats the way he's always slept.
Took us ages to get him into a nighttime routine but he now goes up with his brother, has a little cwtch with me or dh then put in cot awake and dozes off.

They all have little phases, especially with teeth, colds etc that put a spanner in the works but after theyre better just go back to same routine and they should fall into it or may adapt it to something that suits you all

rosierosa Tue 04-Jan-11 20:52:36

Thank youm what's the fajita trick? x

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