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Using a bed rail with a co-sleeping 12 m.o.?

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AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Mon 03-Jan-11 14:21:13

Do you think it's safe to use a bed rail with a 12 m.o. who is crawling and pulling up/cruising, but not yet standing independently?

It's not to stop him falling out of bed - we have the mattress on the floor - but to make extra sure that he doesn't accidentally roll into a radiator which could be hot.

It's unlikely to happen, as it's not right next to the bed and I'm not bothered about when I'm with him. But being a bit paranoid, I'd like to be extra sure when he's in bed by himself. At the moment he sleeps in his cot befre my bedtime, but he's struggling with being woken up when I come to bed. (If I don't get him up then, he often wakes me just after I've gone to sleep, which is hideous.

If he's properly awake, he never touches the radiator as he knows he's not allowed to. We can't move it very easily away from the bed, which is why I'm thinking of putting the rail up.

He currently wakes after every sleep cycle during the evening. He has often pulled up safely on pretty wobbly thing e.g. a cot mattress propped up on the thin edge.

What do you reckon?

nappyaddict Tue 04-Jan-11 02:47:07

How about a radiator cover?

AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Wed 05-Jan-11 21:43:57

Thanks for the suggestion. It's a free-standing plug in / portable one so I'm not sure you can get them.

I'm trying putting on the main heating before bedtime, then making sure the electric radiator is off and just putting DS in the bed. He's not rolled off it so far. wink

nappyaddict Thu 06-Jan-11 02:20:49

That sounds like a better idea to me if he is pulling up.

AngelsfromtherealmsofgloryDog Thu 06-Jan-11 14:56:06


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