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16 month old DS difficult to settle at bedtime after v gentle night weaning

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Poppet45 Sun 02-Jan-11 22:51:16

Argh just wrote an epic rambling first post and my computer ate it.
So we've been nightweaning DS over xmas using the Jay Gordon method and *touch wood* it has gone far better than we ever could have hoped. No more than 40 seconds of crying all week, I can't cope with hearing DS cry after his colic days, and the sleep is light years better than it's ever been.
However for the past couple of nights he's been clingy at bathtime, and very difficult to put to bed. He normally feeds to sleep except during really bad teething, but hasn't done so for the past couple of days and I've had to rock and sing to him, then stay with him while he's fallen asleep in his cot, or picked him back up when he's been unable to and start the whole thing again. No crying but he just can't seem to switch off so well. Now he is teething and has had a cold, but could it be anxiety due to the new routine? *guilt* Or is there another sleep regression looming. Does this behaviour ring bells for anyone who's night weaned?

AliBellandthe40jingles Sun 02-Jan-11 23:06:05

Doesn't ring exact bells, but we certainly found that nightweaning was the beginning of the end of BFing. DS was about 20 months when we nightweaned him, and after that he gradually lost interest in his bedtime feed. He continued to be very enthusiastic about his morning feed for a few months afterwards and then self-weaned around his 2nd birthday.

16 months was a low point in terms of his sleep though, we had to sit in his room while he dropped off, he woke loads in the night and wanted milk endlessly. We actually co-slept more then than we had when he was a newborn because we were just too tired to get out of bed and take him back.

Please don't feel guilty, it does sound like it is more a sleep regression than anything to do with his feeding. There is so much going on for them developmentally around this time - walking, speech etc etc that it is no wonder it can take some children a while to drop off at night!

Poppet45 Mon 03-Jan-11 13:08:24

Thanks so much AliBell, I think what you say about the end of BFing sounds possible and I totally recognise what you're saying about sleep! Before we tried this night weaning I was constantly waking up to find I'd not replaced my DS in his cot as 16 months of rubbish sleep had turned us all into zombies and yes the not being able to leave the room sounds very familiar. Wait it out it is then.

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