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16 Week old previous good sleeper screaming before bedtime - fine for naps

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BritishBeef Sat 01-Jan-11 19:22:00

My 16 week old DD used to go down fine for bedtime sleep at 7pm every night but about 3 weeks ago started to scream blue murder every other night. Now she does it every night without fail. She slept through the night from 8 weeks. Since she started this screaming at bedtime she has began waking a few times through the night too.

We haven't changed her routine in any way.

She normally goes up to her room at about 6.20pm for wind down time. She is swaddled and fed (FF) at 6.50pm. Quite often she starts to get aggravated as soon as she gets to her room. She often refuses her feed because she's already crying and then gets so worked up that she's screaming hysterically. It then takes about 30 minutes to calm her down enough to feed her. As soon as she finishes feeding the screaming sometimes starts again. If it doesn't then it does as soon as she's placed in her cot. Again, another 30 minutes screaming until she calms enough to settle off to sleep. During the screaming, nothing pacifies her (rocking, walkin, dummy).

Eventually she passes out from exhaustion.

She naps in her cot during the day without the screaming (albeit fitfully).

Anyone have any tips on what we can do? My wife usually has to go through this every night (I take over if she's had enough) and I normally do the 11pm dream feed.

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