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jetlag hell.... advice needed asap please...

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Scarlett175 Sat 01-Jan-11 11:34:03

as per title

we flew to California 21st Dec and dd, 8 months was brilliant- adjusted to time zone in a day and although naps were all over the place she ended up sleeping her usual 11 hours a night.

I should add, at home she has strict bed/bath routine and although she is a nightmare to actually get to sleep she does stay asleep and self settles etc during the night.

We flew home wed night/thurs and she slept 6 hours on flight, then 2 on drive home from heathrow, was awake for 4ish hours then we put her to bed normalish time of 7, she did seem tired so all seemed well.... and was for 2 hours, then she woke aprox every 90 mins until midnight when we all gave up, she came on bed with us and conked out until 9am. Last night was similar situation- went to bed 7.30pm, seemed tired, but woke from 8.30 until 2am, then again ended up with us.

Will this just get better with time... your experiences please... just leaving to take her on long walk in daylight hoping this will help..

Orissiah Sat 01-Jan-11 17:24:28

No personal experience of this but for a week can you not put her to bed much later eg 9pm when she's more likely to be very tired indeed and then bring her bedtime back to 7pm incrementally once she is sleeping through the night again?

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