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Please help me my 6m.o going to sleep after midnight!

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mammainlove Thu 30-Dec-10 23:28:21

My 6m.o has been going to bed when we do from birth (11pmish) now it's suddenly past midnight that she's getting tired and we want to start putting her to bed earlier but of course she's not tired! I've tried waking her earlier in the morning, but she just goes to sleep after an hour and makes up for it! If i try waking her up then she just cries. Do i have to be cruel to be kind? Any advice appreciated, thanks.

ipredicttrouble Fri 31-Dec-10 17:00:45

I feel your pain,no advice at the moment, but 6month old is very similar.

I'm determined that things will get better on the New Year and that she'll have a more reasonable bedtime but no idea where to start.

Orissiah Sat 01-Jan-11 17:39:18

Can you start putting her to bed progressively earlier eg 11.55 tonight, 11.50pm tomorrow night, 11.45pm the next night etc? Also prevent her, somehow, falling asleep again an hour after you wake her in the morning by doing lots of activities/distractions?

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