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4 month old sleep regression/growth spurt - how long?

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lots33 Mon 27-Dec-10 19:53:25

Hi everyone and hope you are having a good holiday. smile

My DS is 17 weeks old and EBF; I am posting this in sleep and bf forums.

Until about a fortnight ago, he fed three hourly in the day and woke once at night for a feed and then settled back down quickly. Since then, he has fed about 2 hourly in the day and is waking four times in the night, feeding each time and taking a long time to settle again. So, for example, since midnight, he fed at 12.15,2am, 4.45 am (did not settle and i gave in and got him up for the day at 6 but both of us awake since 4.45, 7am, 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4.30, 6.00......

I know that 4 months is classic growth spurt/sleep regression and what i want to know is.....will it get better and is there anything I can do as I am so tired! Is this likely to remain until he is weaned at 6 months (I doubt v much I'll wean early as feel strongly about waiting and he is not ready)....I suppose I am just looking for your thoughts/experiences/tell me it'll get better!


Zimm Tue 28-Dec-10 12:40:08

Lot33 - I have EXACTLY the same situation at the moment - DD was going actually going through the night (8pm - 6am) and has done for the last 2 months. Was feeding 2-3 hourly during day. Now she is up at 1am, 5am, 7am. She is 20 weeks and EBF. I hope someone comes along soon with some advice for us both as I want to cry right now!

Petsville Tue 28-Dec-10 17:35:59

I'm in the same situation and waiting with interest to see if anyone has any advice. DS was a good sleeper till 16 weeks, up once or twice between 8 pm and 7 am, but has been sleeping badly (much the same pattern that Zimm describes) since 16 weeks (he's now 19 weeks) and I'm so tired I want to die. (Not much of an exaggeration, actually - I wouldn't describe myself as suicidal, but I did go to bed last night consciously wishing I could just die in my sleep so I finally had a reason not to get up with DS.) It doesn't help that I've had to get through his christening and a family Christmas since this started. I just wish I knew how long it was going to go on - I've got to go back to work at the end of January.

wonderstuff Tue 28-Dec-10 18:05:46

Watching with interest. DS has been getting worse and worse and I had no sleep last night at all - he is waking 4 times in the night and not settling back to sleep for ages - he cut a tooth yesterday. He has also been getting bad wind and screaming in pain. I have lost all sense of humour, I'm just so tired, I'm in that joyless place. I don't know what to do.

jandmmum Wed 29-Dec-10 03:59:06

Well I'm the bearer of bad news. DD was doing great up to 16 weeks only one or sometimes no feeds 7-7 plus dream feed, we're now at 20 weeks and still now up 12, 2, 4 etc and taking forever to resettle. No
advice but I feel your pain sad

jandmmum Wed 29-Dec-10 04:00:06

sorry make that 21 weeks

Zimm Wed 29-Dec-10 09:40:55

Petsville _ I remember wanting to die in the newborn weeks so i could sleep and now the feeling is back. It's horrible isn't it.I watched a bit of that hati miracle baby thing last night and felt so grateful for my lot in life - and then as soon as DD woke me for her first feed of the night the wanting to die feeling was back!!

Sometimes I do wonder if I should make life easier for myself - DD wears cloth nappies, is EBF, does not have a dummy and I would never do controlled crying - but now I wonder if I should give her an enormous bottle of formula, a dummy and let her cry herself into 12 hours of sleep - would it really make any difference to anything!?!?!!

fotheringhay Wed 29-Dec-10 11:53:29

I'm in a similar situation with DS who's 15 weeks, but also with insomnia so I often can't sleep even when he does.

He's never woken less than three times a night, but now seems to be wide awake from the 4am feed onwards.

Would try formula but he won't drink from a bottle! Am persevering with different teats. Also need to get him into a daytime nap routine.

I've got all my hopes pinned on the No Cry Sleep Solution which I've ordered from Amazon. I must be doing something wrong.

Newmumlondon Wed 29-Dec-10 12:23:10

Hi fotheringhay,
There is a support thread for the No Cry Sleep Solution - once you start come and join!

Newmumlondon Wed 29-Dec-10 12:23:38

It's on the sleep threads btw (sleep deprived brain smile )

fotheringhay Wed 29-Dec-10 13:15:36

Thanks, I'll do that!

porcamiseria Fri 31-Dec-10 10:20:01

me too, DS2 is 4 months

dummy helps, but the nightime FF does nada , much to my disappointment

we are going to have to tough it out

6 months I swear its FOOD, CC and some tough love for my little one

emsyj Fri 31-Dec-10 11:44:02

DD slept brilliantly from week 10 to week 16/17, then reverted to two hourly night feeds, then after about 6 weeks went to three hourly but very unsettled etc. She is now 7 months and still waking several times a night - last night at 11pm (feed then straight to sleep) 2am (feed, fuss, sick all over me and my bed, awake and grizzling or an hour) then 5.45am (feed and back to sleep til 8.30am).

Watching thread with interest.... Zimm, we are the same, cloth nappies, no formula, no dummy etc. Next baby will be VERY different!!! Will be ensuring next baby takes a bottle as DD won't accept one, altho she's now quite competent with a cup. She won't drink formula (yet - am persevering with this one) so I am a slave to her and am so sleep-deprived I cannot function most of the time.

Petsville Fri 31-Dec-10 16:36:15

There's no way I'm having another one - I can't go through this again. I do feel I'm being punished for having tried to do the right thing and BF till 6 months (we don't do cloth nappies but do do feeding on demand and no dummy etc). If I'd given in and switched to formula at 5 weeks when I had blistered nipples and was crying with pain DH and I could at least have shared the nights now. DS will just have to cope or starve when I go back to work - I'm moving to the spare room, buying earplugs and leaving him and DH to struggle through it.

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