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`6 week old - daytime naps

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Rocho Fri 24-Dec-10 11:00:44

My 6 week old will only nap for 30 minutes at a time during the day, and wakes clearly still tired but will not settle. I have tried all the techniques - I watch carefullly for his sleep window, I swaddle him, I settle him when still awake but drowsy, I've tried a dummy to soothe him but don't put it back in when he spits it out, and I don't rush in at the first cry. I have also - in desperation - tried holding him while he sleeps, rocking him, going in to him just before the 30 minutes are up and patting him etc etc etc. Nothing works! At night he will sleep 7 to 10.30 (when we wake him for a late feed), then till around 3-4, then till around 6-7. Why are daytimes so difficult? He gets more and more tired as the day goes on. He is breastfed only - but hunger is not the issue as I have tried to feed him when he wakes early from a nap but he shows no interest (other than to suck to get back to sleep for a catnap, only to wake again a few minutes later).
Any suggestions please????

sedgiebaby Fri 24-Dec-10 11:14:23

I'm no expert and can only share my experience as a new mum myself, but I use my pram in the day for naps. I get her to sleep by a variety of means, put her down in the pram (swaddled with a sheet and tucked in with a blanket), when she stirs I rock the pram quite vigorously (simulating going down a gravel path which seems to send her off when we are out and about) and I put the hoover on (always at the ready!) I find I need to rock and hoover longer than I think necessary and she goes back into a deep sleep. Also covering the front of the pram with a sheet and removing the hanging toys is needed as any stimulous seems to get her going, up and awake. The other thing is that I follow the two hour rule, so once she is up fed, and has played and done a few mins tummy time (I play with her until she is quite worn out - as am I)then she goes down before the two hours are up whether she is yawning or not.

I'm using the E.A.S.Y approach for the last 6 wks, my baby is 11 wks (I haven't read the book but its that baby whisperer idea) where she eats, then has activity then has sleep then time for 'you' time (e.g. housework in my case lol)

I'm not saying I know it all or have 'cracked it' but hopefully it might help, I like to know what other people do.

Mae34 Fri 24-Dec-10 11:53:13

This is not really that helpful as regards the naps but just wanted to say your baby is doing amazingly IMHO to be sleeping in the evening and only waking at 3 and 6 - my six month old is not much better! Maybe he's getting a lot of his sleep between 7 and 7 and so doesnt need as much in the day? My DD was sleeping for long periods (3 hours plus)in the day at that age but would be awake all evening until she was about 3 months.
You could try a sling in the day? Or letting him sleep on you? He is so tiny I wouldnt worry too much right now about any habits eg dummy, leaving him to self settle etc...


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