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30 min napper and night owl!

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pinkangelita Wed 22-Dec-10 17:31:30

just hoping for some advice to type quickly (you'll understand why in a minute!!! )

My bf dd is 4mo and only sleeps for half an hr at a time during the day! she wont go to sleep for any longer than that until 10.30 sometimes 11pm and even then wakes up every few hours until we get up at 9.30am... i am completly baffled and cant figure out why.I should probably add that i have tried getting her up earlier in the morning to try to get her to go to bed earlier which doesnt have any effect, and i put her down every hour and a half/2 hrs (or as soon as any signs of tiredness) she goes to sleep by herself (we go upstairs, shut curtains, sleeping bag on, lullaby on monitor and i leave...she cries, i go in and pick her up, cuddle her and put her back down and she's off to sleep with her thumb in her mouth... )if she is asleep on me or in someone elses arms she will sleep longer but longer naps still dont have any effect on her night time sleep patterns...
during the day when she wakes i try pu/pd to get her back to sleep but after 30 mins sleep she is wide awake and refuses to go back to sleep...
at night when she wakes, i feed her and put her back down, this can take many attempts, and can take up to 2 me please!!! thank you in advance for any advice

pinkangelita Wed 22-Dec-10 17:38:43

i should have added that its getting her to go to bed earlier that i want the most!!!lengthening naps and increasing night time sleep would be a bonus!!!

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