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Placid but head strong, any advice appreciated

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Giddyup Tue 21-Dec-10 22:02:26

Can abyone remember how they got their placid but stubborn baby off to sleep? DD (6weeks) gets overstimulated and cranky when kept downstairs of an evening. If she falls asleep on me and I then put her to bed she wakes shortly after. If I put her down awake she will lay quite happily in the dark upstairs for an hour then get fed up so bed time goes on all evening and she gets super tired. The same happens in the day but thankfully not in the night, when she self settles after feeds beautifully.

I find that lack of sleep in the day and evening really affects her night time sleep. On a good night she sleeps up to 8 hours and then back down for another 4. But this is rapidly becoming a rarity as her days and evenings ger worse.

I have been trying to put her down awake in the day and leaving her until she gets upset then settling her and trying again. Then usually a couple of hours have past so she is hungry and we start again. I assume she will eventually fall asleep on her own and it will get easier from there? Shushing and patting in her crib does not work.

I am also planning to get her up earlier in the morning in the hope that will shift her day back a bit, am I mad to wake a sleeping baby? its just her bedtime and thus mine is gradually getting later and later.

Sorry for the essay smile

Giddyup Tue 21-Dec-10 22:03:09

also sorry for typos grin

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