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When should DH join in with sleep training?

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LaTristesse Tue 21-Dec-10 14:57:27

We're going to start sleep training our 9.5mo DS after Christmas, and although I'll be doing the lion's share, DH is up for helping (I am honoured!).

Can those of you've who've done PUPD tell me at what point you involved someone else (i.e. the 2nd night, naptimes, the 3rd night waking etc) - I don't want to confuse DS if possible but I do want DH to help!

(If it makes a difference DS is ebf and we'll also be breaking a feed to sleep habit. I know it might be best for DH to do PUPD from the start - i.e. when DS first goes down, but this isn't possible for us due to DH's work...).

Thanks for any expereinces you can share...

CoonRapids Tue 21-Dec-10 21:59:57

We were similar in that DS was still breast feeding at night at 16 months and that was part of his sleep association. DH was rarely involved in settling him to sleep because of this. So with the sleep training we've been doing the last 8 days, I've done most of it. I don't think, emotionally, I could have handed it over to DH because for DS sleep was all about me and bf, so although I decided to stop bf him to sleep I wouldn't have been able to remove myself completely. Now that we've made some progress I think we can get DH more involved. It's all so personal though, so don't know if that helps!

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