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When did the daytime nap end?

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Skillbo Mon 20-Dec-10 20:37:25

DD is 18 months old and has suddenly decided she no longer needs to nap during the day. I know they obviously drop the nap but for some reason I thought this was nearer two/two and a half...

She doesn't seem to be suffering too much (it's been five days) but can see a big crash and burn on the horizon which I'm hoping isn't Christmas!

She has slept through from about 7 months so it hasn't really effected her night sleeping! She is up at 8ish and goes to bed about 730.

Is this 'normal' or is she still a bit little to be ok with this?

cara0705 Tue 21-Dec-10 18:29:30

my two year old dd does this and has done since just shortly after her 1st birthday ive not seen a problem because she still gets her sleep threw the night i also know other children who do have naps and still go to sleep like clockwork, ive no answered your questoion but its just to let you know theres other out there but when my dd started it i just put it down to her being to nosey for her own good and shes still the same i dont think it will go away.

hope it kinda helps

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