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12 week old and a routine

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rosierosa Sun 19-Dec-10 14:36:03

My 12 week old is was in a sort of routine where she slept in the morning and in the afternoon, then two weeks ago it begun being near on impossible to get her down in the day. Yesterday she slept for two lots of two hours in the day- amazing. today i spent 2.5 hours with no joy and had to rock her to sleep in the buggy. do you think it matters where they go to sleep? i am exhausted. thank you

ninjamummy Sun 19-Dec-10 22:24:07

hi, i remember well the stage you are at!Its hard to know what to do for the best!

with my baby, i pretty much let him lead the way with sleep, with encouragement for naps....a walk in pram, drive in car, a nice warm bottle and a cuddle then tiptoe upstairs to lay down in his only "rule" was to always have him in the bath no later than 6pm, a cuddle, bottle, cuddle and put down to sleep.

So tried not to let sleep after 4pm.
I remember when it just became impossible to put baby down for a nap in his cot. So it just became part of our day to take him for a walk or drive so he can nap. He has always been ace at bedtime, just put him down and he settles himself, so helping your baby get to sleep during the day, wont affect how your baby goes to sleep at night, as long as you have a good established bedtime routine in place, your baby will start to know the difference between day naps and big night time naps.

If you know your baby needs a nap and is fighting it, then yes, do what you can like rocking to sleep in buggy. As long as you have a good bedtime routine, and she is pretty much having big sleeps at nightime, possible sleeping through, then just go with it during the day.

She may just not be tired. So watch out for the obvious signs of when she is tired and do what works for you, to get her off to sleep.

Cosmosis Mon 20-Dec-10 09:08:26

I don't think it matters at all where they sleep, as long as they do! My 15 week old still has a lot of naps on me, or in car seat at home, or in pram or out in car. The only place I think he's never napped in the day is in his moses basket, I've never bothered trying tbh, he's only been able to sleep in it at night for about 2 weeks, before that he slept with us.

rosierosa Mon 20-Dec-10 12:14:51

Thank you both, I'm not quite sure what is happening with her at night either. She wakes up about three times at the moment, it had got better and was only twice. When she was first born i could n't get her to settle for ages, so she ended up going to be at about 11 after am hour or so of settling and then getting up at 11. After a lot of pressure from my my mum and others and wanting to have more of a day, i have started getting up at nine and trying to get her into the routine of a morning nap. anyway, i got so exhausted yesterday as i can't nap in the day, i've just slept in till 11. Maybe that's the only way i can get through it, so be it, if it is. I wonder though, if she's on a 9/9 or 11/11 routine, rather than a 7/7 one.

Any tips on settling and sleeping through the night, would be great.

Thank you

WrappedandTagged Tue 21-Dec-10 01:46:09

One thing that seems to work for short daytime naps (but you need really strong arms) is to put baby in the car seat (in your living room- not in the car) and swing car seat gently back and forward by the handle. Baby goes to sleep and you can just put the car seat down.

It's the lazy mama's alternative to having to go for a walk with the pushchair grin

Cosmosis Tue 21-Dec-10 08:56:13

lol, I'm not sure that swinging a car seat is very lazy! I find it sometimes works just rocking the car seat, but only sometimes. I've not tried swinging it, I shall get dh to try it give it a go.

rosierosa Tue 21-Dec-10 14:00:42

I like your style! Thank you

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