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Bed guard to fit ikea Kura bed?

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BettyButterknife Sat 18-Dec-10 13:32:41

DS has been in this bed for coming up to a year and hadn't had any problems until we moved him into a different room. In the old room he had a sofa arm next to the bed which acted as a rail/guard but in the new room there's nothing next to one side and a wall on the other.

Trouble is, in the week he's been in the new room he's fallen out of bed 5 times, twice last night. So I think it's time to get a rail or guard.

Can anyone recommend one that fits the ikea Kura bed in the low position?

DrEmJ Wed 26-Oct-11 12:37:25

Hi.Does anyone have the answer to the initial query? We´ve just obtained an ikea kura bed off a friend and also need to fit a guard to the low position bed.The Ikea one doesn´t fit.Thanks Emma

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