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5 mo, not hungry, shouts for dummy in the night

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Athrawes Sat 18-Dec-10 07:50:42

He wakes up four to six times a night, eyes open, shouty cry, head thrashing and arms waving. I tuck his arms back under the blanket, pop his dummy in and he will be back asleep in 15 seconds!
I realise that babies wake in the night. So how do I get him to not yell when he does! How to self settle, put his own dummy in, not need me to get out of bed and walk down the corridor! Controlled crying will not work for ME as HE sounds like his throat is being cut, terrified and hysterical.

Splatch Mon 20-Dec-10 22:05:05

My 9 month old does this sometimes and I solved it by getting a wooden bead dummy chain. I pin it to his sleeping bag so he can bring the dummy to his mouth by grabbing the chain. I think that's what he does, although I'm sleeping so can't see it. I know that when I don't give him the chain he sometimes wakes up screaming again, so I guess that proves it's worked!

containher Tue 21-Dec-10 14:57:41

When you baby is between 4-5 months old, they have the ability to work out how to get a dummy that is attached to them by a dummy clip ( like Splatch said) into their mouths. you may need to teach them to do this by, when they wake, go in, get their hand and guide their hand to route around for the dummy on the clip, then once they have the dummy in their hand, help them reach their mouth with it. You will need to do this several times at this age- until they lean to do it themselves.They need to associate the feeling around for the dummy on a clip, and putting it into thier mouths themselves, otherwise he won't work out to do it himself until he is afew months older.

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