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Please help me my 6m.o has started getting hyper in the evening and wont sleep,

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mammainlove Fri 17-Dec-10 23:38:05

We co sleep with her in a cot joined to the bed. I usually feed her to sleep in bed but that's stopped working since she's started rolling over whilst feeding her! It's like she sees bed as practising her rolling moves. We dim the lights,read her stories etc prior to bed, but it's taking up to 2hours (nearly 3 tonight) of bouncing her round the house with all the lights off! She just wriggles in our arms and cries and gets wound up. It's really really stressing me out and causing arguments with me and my partner. Any suggestions or just understanding would be appreciated.

LoveMyGirls Fri 17-Dec-10 23:56:56

Can you keep her awake more in the day? Not let her nap so late in the day (not sure when she naps) give her a bath and massage at 6pm ish, then a feed then put her in her cot with lights off, perhaps with a musical lightshow?

The first year is hard but it does get easier in some ways and harder in others imo. But sleep wise def easier as they get older!

LoveMyGirls Fri 17-Dec-10 23:59:24

Another important point is "She just wriggles in our arms and cries and gets wound up. It's really really stressing me out and causing arguments with me and my partner." Children can pick up on the atmosphere, so maybe try to relax even if you don't feel calm inside, keep your breathing even and your voice sing songy iykwim.

What about rubbing some lavender oil on the radiators to give off a calming scent?

mammainlove Sat 18-Dec-10 00:19:29

Thank you. She naps every 3 hours in the day. The problem with her getting so hyper in the evenings is that she's over tired because she's resisting going to sleep. She loves baths but gets frustrated coming out of them and getting dressed so that doesnt work in calming her down. Her bed time is 10/11pm and she sleeps for 11/12hours. I want her to go to bed earlier as well.

LoveMyGirls Sat 18-Dec-10 11:43:39

What time is shr waking then? About 9-11am? Thats very late, what happens if you try waking her about 7am and do the same routine but do it all a few hours early? Then she might start going to bed about 7-8pm?

mammainlove Mon 20-Dec-10 20:22:27

Do you think it matters what time in the morning a baby gets up? Surely it's fine as long as they've had enough sleep. I'l try and wake her at 8.3O. Bed at 9/9.30 sounds good i think.

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