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Nappy changing in the middle of the night

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NoTeaForMe Thu 16-Dec-10 09:40:38


I see people on here saying you don't need to change your babys nappy in the night unless they have pooed. I always change my daughter before feeding her in the night and she always has quite a heavy wet nappy. Am I really supposed to leave her in this for the rest of the night? Surely that can't be nice for her let alone bad for her skin?


Fifilottie Thu 16-Dec-10 11:14:05

HOw old is your DD? I stopped changing my Dd when she stopped feeding in the night but that was at about 4 months. I think most don't change the nappy as it may disturb them and make it harder for them to get back to sleep. If this isn't a problem for you or DD and if she does have a heavy wet nappy I guess it would probably be a good thing to change her nappy. As you said leaving her heavy and wet can't be nice..Saying all that I haven't had any problems with my DD skin or anything. Sometimes she wakes in the morning with a heavy wet nappy but not all the time.

bessyboop Thu 16-Dec-10 11:19:26

My DD2 is 16 weeks, and for weeks now I haven't changed at night unless she has done a poo. She goes straight back to sleep after all her feeds - she has 2 feeds during the night, on average. Her skin is fine, and when we get up in the morning, I wash her bottom - esp if the nappy has leaked. But TBH, I use cloth nappies, and it's very rare that they leak, so all's good. Obv, if your baby has sensitive skin, I would change her. But I don't want to disturb my DD's sleep.

burps Thu 16-Dec-10 12:50:12

When/if my DD (12 weeks) wakes during the night for a feed I always change her nappy first, even if just a bit wet. Then feed her and put her back down. I would rather just do it as then I know she is all clean, just incase the wet nappy bothers her when she goes back down. I figure she is awake anyway, so just do it v quickly and quietly, if needed

beachavendrea Thu 16-Dec-10 13:53:59

i never changed my ds nappy in the night, i was really sick after he was born so it was just too much effort! it never bothered him and slept fine and has never had nappy rash.

when i told my aunt this she was shocked and told me her babies would never settle with a wet nappy. So i think it's different for each baby.

Cosmosis Fri 17-Dec-10 16:40:42

I stopped changing his nappy as soon as he stopped pooing in the night, he's not bothered by it at all. Yes it's very full when he wakes up, but he doesn't care and no problems with his skin. He's 14 wks btw.

fifitot Sat 18-Dec-10 14:12:05

Use the nappies that are designed for this purpose. Pampers Baby Dry or something. They do soak it all up and while the nappy is heavy, the surface is rarely wet.

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