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Need hours to get 3 yr old to sleep at night Help!!

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angelberg Wed 15-Dec-10 22:03:13

How long does it take for most people to get their 3 year olds to bed? I ask, because we used to get our DS to sleep in a reasonable amount of time - but now it can take anything from an hour to 2 hours. We have a routine and he knows the drill.

Part of the problem I know is that he sleeps for a couple of hours at kindergarten. But even on his days off or at the weekend, he can be hardcore about keeping us with him until he falls asleep.

I feel like we're way past controlled crying blush- he'd probably get out of bed anyway and howl at his bedroom door.

After tea routine is normally a bit of Postman Pat with a bottle, bathroom, a book or two and bed.

Then one of us sits with him until he eventually falls asleep...

Any suggestions/helpful comments/ advice/similar experience would be appreciated... especially as I'm expecting another baby in four months time.

domeafavour Thu 16-Dec-10 06:37:20

I think you should get the sleep in the day reduced. If my ds got more thank an hour I would never get him to sleep!!
You might want to think about leaving him on his own to go to sleep, If you're there he might just think it's still not quite bedtime yet. he won't like it at first but he should get used to it quickly. Try that rapid return method if he gets out if bed.

MrsJohnDeere Thu 16-Dec-10 06:47:24

Drop the lunchtime sleep and stop sitting with him at bedtime.

My 2.10 yo would be up until all hours if he sleeps in the day (a 5/10 min power nap in the car seems to suit him best and get him through the day).

Orissiah Fri 17-Dec-10 14:49:09

Stopping all naps when my DD was around 2 meant she is out like a light at night. Her daycare center replaces naptime with quiet time; when she's home with us at the weekend we replace it with TV time and then if/when she starts flagging around dinner time we use alot of distractions (or bath time) to keep her going to bedtime.

LolaBellsAllTheWay Fri 17-Dec-10 22:57:21

Angelberg, I have the same problem with DD1 but she is 2.3yo. She dropped the naps herself and if she hasn't napped she can be down in 10 minutes. We always have to sit with her too. I have tried just leaving her, reading her one story then leaving etc. But we need to be with her, she just won't settle otherwise!

If DD naps during the day, usually if we go in the car, she can be up until as late as 11pm! It's a nightmare. So we try all sorts of distractions during the day.

Maybe try dropping the naps and then it might be a case of only sitting with him for 10 minutes? That way you won't have the battle of trying to get him to sleep without you being there?

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