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Habitual waking

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NicholaGriff Tue 14-Dec-10 08:55:06


I am new to this, so sorry for not using the right abbreviations.

My baby is 9 weeks old and we are getting into a good bedtime routine. She is bathed and fed between 7pm / 7.30 and is usually put down in her cot (in her own room) about 8.30ish. I wake her for a feed between 11.30 / 12.

She doesn't have a night feed anymore, but does wake up out of habit I think about 4am, and then sometimes every half an hour until 7am when I feed her again.

You may think that the reason for this is because she does in fact need feeding, but even if I do feed her then, she still wakes up continuously. Also, she is never starving at the 7am feed. I really am convinced it is not a feeding issue.

I have checked the temperature in the room and doesn't seem to be too cold / too hot. I do not make it interesting for her either, just going in laying my hand on her belly and putting her dummy in if she wants it. Any advice on how to get her to stop waking up? I have occasionally laid her on her front for daytime naps, and she does sleep much better this way, but am petrified of doing this at night (despite the fact that I and my entire generation were laid on our fronts!)

Thanks for any advice!

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 15-Dec-10 19:38:01

It may not be a feeding issue, but I would still offer her a feed. That early morning waking pattern you describe is fairly classic (although gruelling for the parent).

Are you breastfeeding? Chances are at that young age your DD is really after comfort, which is the main thing a feed offers, apart from nourishment.

Have you considered bringing her in bed with you for the last few hours of the night? She's still very tiny and probably wants to be with you.

If you're worried about co-sleeping, you could make her a side-car arrangement - it would save you a lot of to-ing and fro-ing until she gets through this phase (which she will).

We used this until DD was 7 months old.

Welcome to Mumsnet!

HTH smile

NicholaGriff Fri 17-Dec-10 21:17:49

Thanks for your reply. I am bottle feeding, not breast, but you are probably right, I think she does need comfort.

I occasionally bring her into bed with us, but she is a really noisy sleeper (her snoring on one side and husband on the other does not make for a good nights sleep!!).

I guess she will grow out of it, but was hoping there was some magic technique that would stop it straight away. Guess babies are not like that!

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