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Sleepwalking, freaked me out a bit

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Confuzzeled Sat 11-Dec-10 08:28:09

The night before last I woke up in DD's bedroom, standing over her talking to her. I don't remember walking there and I had no idea why I was speaking to her. She was moaning and I don't know if I woke her up or if I went through because she was moaning.

I think I've sleep walked before, my dh has said I've come downstairs and had random conversations with him, but I have no memory of it.

I do sleep talk, always have.

But I've never woken up in the middle of walking before and it's got me really freaked out.

Last night I found it really hard to sleep because I was so scared I would wake up somewhere else.

Does anyone else sleepwalk, is there any safety issues I have to address?

CupcakesHay Sat 11-Dec-10 23:50:58


I used to sleepwalk loads when I was ytounger - but have gradually grown out of it - although I still do it maybe once a month. Not sure about safety issues - depends on what kind of sleep walker you are.

Maybe talk to DD about it - and explain about your sleepwalking so she won't get freaked out. And maybe speak to DH?

I also found that the more stressed or upset i was, the more i did it. Luckily my Dh is understanding - although in the past have had boyfriends who refused to sleep in same room with me - or went home after the "dirty" as it were!!! grin

Confuzzeled Sun 12-Dec-10 09:33:08

Thanks for replying, I'm quite stressed just now, that's probably why I walked.

Thats shocking that people wouldn't sleep in the same room as you. My dh used to hit me with a pillow as I wouldn't shut up and my friends used to think it was funny getting me to chat in my sleep.

I guess I'm worried I get up and open the stair gate or even unlock the front door.

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