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Co-sleeping evenings

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breatheslowly Wed 08-Dec-10 12:17:19

We are co-sleeping with DD who is 3 months old. We are now trying to get her to go to sleep at about 7pm so that we can have some evening time together. She sleeps in a cot attached to our bed (or at the moment in our bed as she has a cold and likes to be propped up a bit). Going forward how do you put your baby down to sleep in the evening if you co-sleep and they are more mobile? How do you stop them from rolling about and ending up on the floor or tangled in your duvet?

Rebs123 Wed 08-Dec-10 22:03:41

Hi breathes slowly, my DD is now 7 months and we co-sleep. We too have a butt to bed cot which is only used as a place to store pillows!
We have a motorola video monitor (the one which looks like a dog) which is excellent for night and day. As I'm still breastfeeding and feed to sleep(which I know is a habit I will have to sort at some point) I put her down at 6pm then creep off the bed. The cot ensures she does not fall out my side and we roll up the duvet on the other side so when we go to bed it rolls out again. When she is asleep and i leave the room I fill the bottom of the bed with pillows (only 2). My DD is now fully mobile but I watch the monitor and although she crawls to the pillows she then stops. I know other co-sleepers have moved their bed to the floor however, we are not at this stage yet! I can't imagine sleeping any other way and really believe that co-sleeping provides children with security and self-confidence which can be seen in later life. Good luck grin

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