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sleep training a 2.3yo AND an 8 mo! Help!!

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LolaBellsAllTheWay Tue 07-Dec-10 22:03:19

Basically, my question here is HOW?

Back story, DD1 has never been a good sleeper. Always ends up in with DP and I. She takes ages to settle at night and with either DP or I sitting by her bed. In the past couple of weeks she has been dropping her daytime nap so going to sleep within 10 minutes! Hurrah! But as we've been stuck inside due to the snow she is having a nap. I have tried avoiding this but some reason when she is in all day she needs a nap. Today she had a nap and it has taken me until 9:30pm to get her to sleep.

Once asleep she is then up at about 3am and just climbs in between DP and I and sleeps till 7am. I think that if we started to take her back into her own bed when she wakes she might settle so we are going to start trying this.

DD2 is 8mo. She was a brilliant sleeper at the start and by 6mo she was mostly going down at about 7:30pm and self settling (mainly because we were dealing with DD1). She has always got up once during the night, for a feed until 6mo but now it is to come in beside DP and I. She usually wakes an hour either side of her sister. Unfortunately she will not go back in her cot easily but CC is not an option as she shares a room with her sister.

She has also started refusing to go to sleep in her cot so is falling asleep during her feed or we have to rock her to sleep. This was the result I think of a bad cold she had which she is just getting over weeks later.

So every morning we wake up with 4 in the bed. Now, I'm not against co-sleeping but this is getting ridiculous. DP and I are exhausted. We need to do something.

The problem is DPs working hours so 4 nights (at least) a week he isn't home until 9pm or he works nightshifts so I will have to come up with a sleep method that I can do myself.

We have a bedtime routine, bath, milk and story, brush teeth, bed. and we have black out blinds.

I have tried CC with DD1 whilst pregnant and we had crying for 2 hours everynight for a fortnight, it didn't get any better at all so I know this doesn't work for her!

I dream (when I actually get any sleep) of the time when I can put them both to bed, give them a kiss and they'll just go to sleep!

Any advice is welcome and thanks for reading this far!

sproutpudding Wed 08-Dec-10 09:43:42

Hello LolaBells

I don't have any decent advice for you, I am struggling with sleep problems myself! But you have my absolute sympathy.

Would you be able to move DD2's cot into your room for a while? It might help with anything you need to do with one or the other.

I hope someone with decent advice comes along shortly, and wish you the best of luck.

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