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Less sleep now than in beginning!! 14 wks aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh

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MrsH1979 Sat 04-Dec-10 05:17:34

This is a bit of a rant as just can't sleep !!! LO is asleep, not me! In the last week she has been waking (which is the norm and I am v grateful of this good sleeping pattern) at 3 or 4 having a feed and then back to sleep. But try as I might I lay wide awake for the rest of the night and it's driving me bonkers. I go to bed around 10ish as hubby does dreamfeed so end up with 5 hrs, which I know is not bad!! But I am rubbish with no sleep and look like I still have my Halloween make up on! He he. I am yearning for the day my darling sleeps through. All my NCT friends' babies are. :-( she is brilliant and adorable and very very good so I have everything to be grateful for and nothing to complain about! But would like to go back to sleep now please.

Iwasthefourthwiseman Sat 04-Dec-10 06:45:09

Firstly I expect there are lots of definitions of 'sleeping through'. My nct group were comparing notes and one person said their baby woke at 11 then once again in the night, and another said 'oh, I count that as twice a night'

Anyway, these are the things I do to help:

Go to bed later - sounds crap I know but it was the only thing that helped the really bad insomnia I had when pg

Rescue remedy night spray - suspect this may be pychosomatic

Lavender on my pillow

Listening to a talking book on my iPod or some sort of sleep help cd or wave music

Are you hungry perhaps? I have a flask of tea and a biscuit for early wakings.

I'm really sorry, lack of sleep is a killer!

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