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cosleep or not - 6months

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happygilmore Fri 03-Dec-10 10:15:42

Might be a garbled post as DD due to wake up from her nap shortly..

DD is 6 months and sleeps pretty well at night, and during the day (although she's a bit of a cat napper, but can generally be persuaded to sleep enough to keep her happy in the day).

At night she has slept well until the last few weeks where she is much more unsettled. She wakes anytime between 11-3 for a feed, and then we have trouble getting her to settle again. I don't think it's a regression (we had that for a week and it seemed to pass), she just seems to shriek, not crying but very unsettled and will eventually start unless we keep picking her up.

If we put her straight in our bed she goes off better and generally sleeps til morning. If we put her in her bed, she gets very unsettled about 5-6am, and ends up in our bed and thrashes about a bit til 7.30am. I think we should just put her in our bed after the first wake up, as I really don't cope very well on limited sleep. Last night was a nightmare as she didn't go off in her bed, ended up in ours but was unsettled all night, DH and I are like zombies today.

He thinks putting her in our bed is a backward step, I can see his point, but also think that putting her in our bed after 1hr of messing around is ridiculous and we should just do it straight away if we're going to do it at all. At least she seems to sleep better then.

Sorry this is very garbled, but any thoughts? Am ff so not cosleeping to bf if that is relevant.

ragged Fri 03-Dec-10 11:53:26

I strongly suspect that you would find it fine to do what you propose (keep her in her bed when she settles there easily, else let her come in with you). FWIW, I have done about the same with 3 DC, currently with DS3 (who is nearly 3yo). He spends most the night in his bed (next to mine, anyway), but sometimes comes in with me in the early hours or for a spell in middle of night.

It's about keeping your sanity in the end.

happygilmore Fri 03-Dec-10 20:24:00

Thanks - survival is right surely? Had a chat and think DH agrees (apparently we had a hissed argument in the middle of the night but both of us were so bloody sleepy we can't really remember it) grin

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