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ended up co sleeping... but don't want to. what do you do?

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missytequila Thu 02-Dec-10 23:58:46

is there a way of ending co sleeping? a few people have said to me that once I start, there is no going back and that my baby will get used to this arrangement and not go back to the cot....

i ended up co sleeping out of desperation, my 7 months old just stopped sleeping through. i could not stand getting up so much, also my husband was away for a month.

now he is coming back and neither of us a keen to keep baby in bed... but baby is soooo unsettled and definitely wakes more than 6 times in cot...its only twice when in bed, and easily settled when in bed...

what do i do now? how can i make the cot more comfortable?

ToysRLuv Fri 03-Dec-10 17:58:29

We put rolled up fleecey blankets around the sides of the cot 9not too high, though, so he can't try to climb out) to make DS feel more contained and in a "nest". He loves snuggling up to them. Other than that I would just persevere and get DH to help during the night on the week you will be transferring baby back to its own bed. Good luck! Co-sleeping's not for me either (cannot sleep myself).

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