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2x toddlers suddenly waking early

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tigitigi Thu 02-Dec-10 09:34:28

Any help appreciated. I have a DS 4yo who is in his own room with a bunk bed that he loves. He can come and go on the top floor as he pleases. Our DD 2yo has a proper big bed in her room that she has been in for over 6 months - she loves it. She has a gate up on her room so that she does not climb DS bunk bed (she did a month ago and nearly fell off), she is happy with this and accepts it - even asks for it before going to sleep as it also means DS can't go into 'her' bedroom.

Both have always slept through the night from bed time until 630 when DS comes into our bed and we get DD to join for a short family cuddle and they watch tv (yes bad I know) while we get dressed. They put their clothes on in our bedroom and do their teeth etc in our bathroom while we shower.

So far so perfect but since the clocks changed they have been getting up about 530 and coming in, wiggling, kicking and generally baiting eachother, the dog- who sleeps under the bed and us. This last week it has got even earlier to 5am.

It can't go on like this - this morning we insisted they go back to their rooms until our alarm went off and they cried consistently the whole time - not hurt or pain cry just the I am not getting my own way and having a tantrum cry. DS accepted this after a while but DD was a nightmare.

DS went through a phase of this when he was DDS age and I think the waking is driven by her but it was much easier getting one child to accept staying in their bedroom. Any tips?

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