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Anyone used 'Save our Sleep' book? Advice please...

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jumpinghoops Tue 30-Nov-10 14:10:52

Hi, I have just started trying to sort out some routine for my 6 month old-she was sleeping OK in the day and at night until maybe a month or so ago when daytime naps went down to two 30-40 min naps- at night she is now waking up LOTS.

I have read the Tizzie Hall 'Save our Sleep' book and want to try and start putting some routine in place to help her with her sleep. I know she recommends two 2 hour naps for a baby of this age (one from 9-11, one from 1-3 in an ideal world).

If anyone has tried her routines can you advise me- I think if she wakes early from a nap I am to get her up and take her out for a walk to encourage her to finish the nap. If she doesn't go back to sleep I am then to keep her up until the next nap time regardless of whether she seems tired before this is that right?

Thanks for anyone's help with this!

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