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sleep and feeding-a lot

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loopylo Mon 29-Nov-10 16:52:08

DD is now 7 weeks old. I am struggling with day time naps-she often wont sleep for hours or will only sleep on me. She is asleep now, on me, but its nearly 5pm!! She slept for an hour in the day from 1 then for 30 minutes when we were out walking. At night I cannot get her to sleep until 10pm - 1 am depending on if its a good day. She is then a star and will sleep for 2-3.5 hrs, waking for feeds then going straight back to sleep. She wakes about 7am ish. I bath her at 6.30pm and sit in a dark quiet room from then trying to get her to sleep.

Feeding-is it normal to snack on and off all day, every 30-60 minutes unless asleep. Right up until bed especially from 3pm-10pm where she wont stop wanting a breast.

Should I keep her awake more in the afternoon and try and get her to sleep more in the day. Should I wake her up if she sleeps too much in a stint. How much sleep should she get in a day and what routines do other people have. Is breast feeding going to be a continuous affair for a long time. I struggle to get anything else done.

RaisingMrC Mon 29-Nov-10 17:33:40

Hi, I'm by no means an expert but re the going to bed late and wanting to feed constantly until then, I think this is quite typical at 7 weeks. DS did a lot of cluster feeding in the evenings initially but now at 18 weeks goes to sleep at 8pm. I can't remember when it changed, sorry, but he just gradually started falling asleep earlier and earlier after a feed.

BF won't be continuous forever, though it does seem so relentless at the start! The length of time between feeds naturally extends and also they start to feed more quickly during a feed. In my experience, 4 hours between feeds (which you read in all the books) is quite unlikely in a bf on demand baby. They are all different though, I just mention that because I kept worrying DS was feeding too much based on that length of time between feeds.

Someone gave me the advice of using a sling, as I think some of the sucking is about being close to their mum, which a sling also acheives. A lot of babies sleep really well in them too!

I can't comment / give advice on naps as my DS naps like your DD! With the bf, sounds like you're doing great!

RaisingMrC Tue 30-Nov-10 17:35:59

Oh - just had another thought about the cluster feeding in the evenings - are you able to feed lying down? That way you could have a bit of a rest while she feeds.

SarahLaurensmum Sat 04-Dec-10 12:48:05

Just joined Mumsnet, it's comforting to read about other mothers in the same situation as me. My 11 day old doesn't sleep much at all during the day and cluster feeds continuously. I can't seem to satisfy her appetite and my husband has to syringe feed her! She's gaining weight and peeing and pooing fine but constantly suckles and seeks the breast (but then tends to fall asleep on me!). It's so frustrating. Every person we've spoken to just says "you have a very hungry baby" I know she's so young but it's still so draining.

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