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Drinking in the night - help

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CakeCuresAll Fri 26-Nov-10 09:42:44

DS is 18 months. Was BF until 13 months and co-slept until then. He was pretty easy to nightwean and get into his own room and cot and was sleeping 6.30 - 5 am pretty reliably.

Until recently hmm

He wakes frequently in the night and will want a bottle of juice - he can't have milk. He drank water until 3 months ago and refuses and screams if I offer it in the night. He'll drink 3 full bottles if I let him - and then leaks through his nappy causing more hassle. I am pretty sure he is using the bottle for comfort as when I put the drink in a cup he won't even drink a full one but he will still keep waking up.

I can't do CC - we live in a flat and I get stressed and anxious about the neighbours and cave after 5 minutes.

I usually give in about 2 am and bring him into my bed. He takes about 30 minutes to settle and then wakes at 5.

I am beyond tired, doing this by myself and have zero energy to keep this going.

Suggestions would be gratefully received! I am obviously going wrong but to foggy from lack of sleep to see the solution - help!

amijee Sat 27-Nov-10 22:45:02

I think the important things would be to stop any drinks in the night as they are reinforcing the wake ups.

You can comfort him thru this period of time without letting him cry. Once the drinks are ditched, you could work on getting him to sleep further away from you ( only if its a problem to you) Gradual withdrawal may be good in your situation.

hope it works out x

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