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What is happening?? And any ideas how I can fix it?

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Ieattoomuchcake Fri 26-Nov-10 09:24:30

DD is 30 weeks actual, 21 weeks adjusted. I thought we had the four month sleep regression when she was app 16 weeks adjusted. But sleep now is almost like having a newborn again.
She used to go off to sleep by about 7.30pm then sleep through to anything from 2-4am, and generally then sleep till morning. In what I thought was 4m sleep regression she started waking at about 1am, and having 2 night wakings.
Anyway, now she still goes to sleep well but wakes 3-4 times a night, and is awake for about an hour each time.
Last night she was up 11.45, back to sleep about 12.30; slept till 3am (which I know is a decent stretch of sleep and I should be thankful), back to sleep at 4.30; up at 5.30 with a dirty nappy; back to sleep at 6.30, slept till 8am.
I know I'm lucky she went back to sleep at 6.30 but am still knackered!

She can self settle, and often in the night lies in her cot singing to herself before going back to sleep. I just ignore her, but can't sleep through it. I generally feed her when she wakes. I think I still have a desire to fatten her up from when she was prem, and if she's crying I don't really want to 'refuse' her a feed and night wean her.

She naps in the day, generally an hour in the morning and two half hours in the afternoon. Could that be the problem? Also she's just started rolling so I wondered if it might be a developmental thing??

Thanks for anybody who can offer any insight.
Was in hospital in labour with her for a week so haven't had full nights sleep for 31 weeks. The one wake up nights were fine but this is getting beyond a joke!!

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