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anyone done wake to sleep and how did you do it?

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muslimah28 Thu 25-Nov-10 21:32:38

whilst i await the arrival of my copies of no cry sleep solution and healthy sleep habits happy child from amazon (for what seems like aaages) i have been reading this forum avidly in the hope of getting any tips that might help...

i read here about wake to sleep a few days ago, where you stroke teh cheek of baby near the end of a sleep cycle (which i guess you know when that is by their pattern) til you've sort of woken them up and then they fall asleep again, in the hope of avoidng them waking up crying and needing full resettling every sleep cycle (as is the case with my 6mo ds)

anyway i tried this yesterday night with some success, and managed to keep him asleep for two hours before his 10/11pm feed this way (the rest of hte night was AWFUL confused but i think that was other reasons- wind and too much sleep in the day yesterday). so far tonight ive done it twice with less success but will persevere.

so my qustion is- is the aim of this that he eventually learns to self settle or not wke between sleep cycles throug this method? or is this meant to be a quick fix until you implement other sleep training.

LolaBellsAllTheWay Thu 25-Nov-10 22:18:09

I tried this a couple of times on DD1, 2.3yo and it seemed to work but I'm not entirely sure what I was supposed to do and I only tried it when getting up to settle DD2.

So I'm marking my place as I'd like to try it with DD2.

Sorry I didn't have any advice!

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