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There isn't anything else I can do is there....?

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snugglejunkie Thu 25-Nov-10 13:18:11

Apologies for length of this, but if anyone can make any suggestions - or just recognise the situation and reassure me it will pass!!

DS (12.5 months old) has never been particularly brilliant at sleep and has had some pretty horrific phases. However, by about 9 months he was mananging to go through 7 - 6.30 a couple of times a week with and average of 2/3 minorish wake-ups the rest of the time and the occasional before 6 start to the day (all completely copeable with and part of 'normal' parenting imo)

Now we have major nightwakings for the past 2-3weeks. A good night will be nothing until ~2/3am, then he is just AWAKE for just over an hour. However it can be 1am and awake for 2.5hours.

Generally goes down OK - has a cuddle with his music on quietly and down in cot when drowsy but not fully asleep. We do sometimes leave him to cry/grizzle a bit at bedtime as cuddling him sometimes seem to annoy him (back arching etc). He will settle after about 30mins with someone popping in every 5mins or so to reassure. This does NOT work in the middle of the night.

He has 14 teeth already and I think his canines are coming through - not convinced these are a major problem. His teething pain has always responded well to neurofen before.

He is the same ill or well.

His room is cool (~15degC), but he is in a vest, cotton sleepsuit, 2.5tog sleepsuit AND 2.5tog sleeping bag. If it was the cold, he would settle in bed with me. He doesn't.

He has been walking for about 2-3 weeks.

He had dropped his morning nap about a month ago and has a 2hr lunchtime nap from about 12-2. This goes a bit screwy at nursery, apartic of late as his big sleep has been starting at 10 probably because of his night waking. however he only goes 2days a week so I just make sure he sticks to his routine on the other days.

I think I've covered everything!

Is there anything that can be done!!??! I'm really very very tired!

Igglybuff Thu 25-Nov-10 14:25:51

Unfortunately there is a developmental leap around 13 months which makes their brains wired and hard to sleep. You say he's been walking for a few weeks - can you get him out and exercising to wear him out a bit more?
My DS is 13.5 months and sleep went mad - I'd hear him babbling for up to an hour in the early hours. He was happy enough - wouldn't cry for us. He'd be knackered the next day so went for early bedtime and earlier am nap to help. It's stopped now.

snugglejunkie Fri 26-Nov-10 09:27:50

Thanks for replying Igglybuff.

Had a suspicion it was blardy developmental and there was knack all I could do, nice to hear that your DS got through it. Just wish I could leave our DS to babble in his cot, unfortunatley he would scream the place down!

Igglybuff Fri 26-Nov-10 20:05:43

Poor thing! It's tough isn't it?

Yes DS would babble but then be so tired and grumpy the next day hmm

Now he's waking again as of last night although it's illness this time.

One day I'll get 8 hours in a row for more than a few nights!

RubbaDuckie Fri 26-Nov-10 20:34:08

Reassuring to hear it could be developmental ... so can only offer mutual sympathy - am going through a similar sleeping ordeal which suddenly got (even) worse after 1st Bday (and she'd teased me by sleeping through for a week). She also would scream the house down if left but doesn't really know what she wants when I go in.

How long till the brains unwire??

Igglybuff Fri 26-Nov-10 20:44:24

Supposedly there's another one around 18 months and that's it for little ones.


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