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Can someone give me the benefit of their experience on DS and sleep?

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mamateur Wed 24-Nov-10 15:28:04

For the past 6 months, due to a change in our living situation, we've been putting DS to sleep in his cot then bringing him in with us when he work up (usually around 3 or 4). Now we've moved we really want to get him back in his cot all night. So we've had some showdowns recently. Last night I kept resettling him in his cot when he woke but he got crosser and crosser and not coming in with us. I tried lying down next to his cot on a mattress but this just made him even angrier because he wanted me to hold him. I went to get him some milk and he went mad when I left them room, when I came back he was out of his standard-size cot and heading straight for me shock. It looks impossible for him to get out of it, although he is pretty mighty grin

Any advice on getting him to sleep the night in his cot? I don't mind getting up for him but I don't want him in our bed any more because he's too big and thrashes around.

Waitingforbaby Sun 28-Nov-10 18:35:20

Have you tried sleeping in your DS's room on a mattress/sofa bed until he gets used to being in his cot?

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