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Nap time trouble

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Smudge588 Wed 24-Nov-10 14:22:02

My 5 month old is a great night sleeper but hates daytime napping with a passion. He will only take short naps if any (20 mins or so) and will only go to sleep either by me walking and rocking him or in his pushchair outside (it doesn't work inside!). When walking and rocking he fights me - kicking, hitting out at me and crying until sleep eventually takes over. He's now quite strong and I know I can't keep doing this. On a night I put him in his cot awake and he sleeps through but when I try this in the day he gets really distressed. I tried controlled crying once but got to upset when he got stressed and made himself sick. Anybody got any ideas to help???

catwhiskers10 Wed 24-Nov-10 21:20:51

I dont have any advice to help but just wanted to say my DD was like this from 3 months to 7 months old, she didnt nap during the day at all and fought sleep terribly but from about 7 months she just seemed to grow out of it and now at 8.5 months she has 2 naps a day and although she still doesnt sleep through the night without a feed, she doesnt fight sleep anymore.
Hope this gives you a little bit of hope, sorry I couldnt offer any real advice!

Smudge588 Wed 01-Dec-10 12:00:04

Thanks I hope that happens!!! He has actually started to go down better this week. I think I have been calmer about getting him over and accepted that I have to rock him and in the morning at least he will go to sleep in my arms without a fight. Fingers crossed that if I can gradually calm him down to sleep in my arms I will eventually get him transferred to a cot!

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