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22 month old - bedtime battles, won't stay in own bed

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Unwind Tue 23-Nov-10 22:23:44

We had to move our 22 month old from a cot to a bed, as she seemed to have developed a cot phobia.

Now we have bedtime battles, and she invariably comes and joins us in the early hours. I can live with the latter, but really want to get our evenings back.

Is she too young for rapid return? Can anyone suggest any aternative?

am desperate sad

CoteDAzur Tue 23-Nov-10 22:25:38

I would stick her back in the cot.

MrsTedHughes Tue 23-Nov-10 22:27:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Unwind Tue 23-Nov-10 22:27:50

We got rid of the cot, because we absolutely couldn't get her to sleep in it. She seemed genuinely terrified.

katiepotatie Tue 23-Nov-10 22:29:05

We put a gate on DD's bedroom door when she started getting out of the bed, also did rapid return too at about the same age. Sometimes she would fall asleep on the floor and we then moved her back to bed. (usually after tantruming)

Unwind Tue 23-Nov-10 23:04:26

Thanks katie, do you mind if I ask, how old was she?

I am just worried that my DD is too young for rapid return

gemmummy Tue 23-Nov-10 23:05:30

gate on bedroom door.

katiepotatie Tue 23-Nov-10 23:20:27

DD went into her bed at 18 months, at first she didn't realise she could get out the bed, which was great, then the terrible 2's started at around 20 months. She was definately able to understand what was going on. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Unwind Wed 24-Nov-10 10:21:05

Thanks all, gate it is!

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