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sleep deprived 4mo? Bit long, sorry.

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ellnlol Tue 23-Nov-10 18:11:10

Our 15wo dd just doesn't sleep! She can't self soothe at all and needs to either feed to sleep, sleep upright on a shoulder (after a lot of singing/walking around) or need the movement of the car or pram. Her rocking cradle doesn't work as a soother. If we get her to sleep and then put her down, she doesn't stay asleep for more than 10 minutes. Even held, she only sleeps for 40 minutes, usually twice a day - three naps is a good day! Overnight we usually get one long sleep (11 til 3-4) then a really restless, cluster feeding/snoozing session til she wakes up properly and we get up - time varies. A good guess is she gets around 7-8 hours sleep in total - no where near enough for her age, surely? Our GP says she's just bright! Any tips on getting her to stay asleep for longer? We've tried: trying to resettle her and wake to sleep, with no success so far. Thanks

fifitot Tue 23-Nov-10 20:01:19

Sounds a bit like my current experience. See the sleep regression thread. I have no answers but share your pain.

I am starting to think it's all developmental and they will just sleep longer when they are ready - sod the poor sleep deprived parents!

ellnlol Tue 23-Nov-10 21:35:12

I guess so - she's just shy of 4 months so we're thinking it might all change after the next growth spurt?? Here's hoping!

agirlcalledvicky Wed 24-Nov-10 12:10:42

We've been through this and still are to be honest. It is utterly exhausting. Our DS is 18 weeks now and I have spent weeks now working on the sleep and we are extremely slowly getting there (I think?!). I found the only way to gets ours to nap during the day is to lie on the bed with him and breast feed him lying down and eventually veeeerrryyy slowly sneak off when he's finally asleep. I also found trying for a nap after only 1.5 hours of being awake was more success than leaving it longer. Putting him to bed super early after a his bedtime routine helps for us too (last night he was asleep for 6.45pm). Our nights are fairly crap with him waking every few hours (we don't get a long spell at the beginning of the night anymore sad)still. As I have just put in another post I am new to this baby lark as this is my first but I have a few friends who have babies the same age and they are ALL going through very similar things. Fingers crossed it will pass soon smile!

emmylou157 Thu 02-Dec-10 04:03:46

I could have written this post! DD is 18 weeks tomorrow and was sleeping from 8-7 waking once. Now it is gradually getting later and later by the time she will go to bed - usually 10-11ish now so im spending 2 hours each night trying to get her into bed - falls asleep on me but as soon as she is in hercot she wakes up. Used to go straight back to bed after her 2am feed now won't settle. Im slowly going insane as she won't nap on the day unless on me.

Am hoping its because she has a cold but think i may be kidding myself. At least I know I am not alone!

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