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DS and my sleeping woes- long, sorry!

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pipplin Mon 22-Nov-10 16:14:18

I really need some advice of what to with my 20 week old DS.

He currently has a morning sleep usually between half 10 and half 12- it mostly is a continous sleep but not always. On a Tuesday, due to baby group he is awake during this time and sleeps from 12.30 to about 2pm.
He has this nap in his pram and 9 times out of 10 this involves a little walk. Which is pretty much fine by me- its cold but fresh air is good for me as well as DS.

The afternoon nap (excluding Tues) is a mess. He wont sleep after his bottle until he truly tired, verging on overtired tbh. Today he fell asleep at 3.45. I want him to have this nap in his cot. I am facing facts and now and its ok he doesn't want to do this and napping in his pram isnt the end of the world.
Today he is so tired (tried his cot earlier and he was just playing and practicing his rolling in it) so got him ready to go out in his pram and he didn't even need me to take him out he cried for few minutes then he fell asleep.

How do I get him to sleep in the afternoon? He won't be cuddled to sleep anymore unless its the middle of the night.

Next problem- night time.
He was staying downstairs with us in his chair or cuddled until we went to bed. I think over stimulation was making him wail and become over tired. He seems to only like to sleep in complete darkness.

Bedtime routine currently is: last bottle at 8 downstairs with us in his grobag. He then either falls asleep or I take him up and cuddle him/ stroke his face until he is asleep then put him down- this has taken an hour before.

Realistically I would love to feed him upstairs in the dark (I will start doing this, I think) and then just put him down. He wont settle at all when I have done this, so I am guessing he isnt ready. I have tried picking him up and putting him down when he cries but this if anything wakes him up more.
I sit beside him and stroke his face but he seems to wake up and these big eyes are looking at me and his arms are moving about.
However, when he is asleep he sleeps through minus a tiny wake up at 3 or 4 but I just pop his dummy back in and he goes back to sleep until stirring at half 5/6.

So there are my woes...
Anyone got any ideas?
Advice would be much appreciated. I am feeling quite clueless

jinglesticks Mon 22-Nov-10 20:22:35

Only advice from me is could you introduce a more obvious bedtime routine: bath, story, song etc. Sorry if you already do this, but you didn't mention it. I started this at about 20 weeks and it really helped dd learn it was bedtime. Also your bedtime is quite early. Some people think it helps babies sleep if they go to bed between 6-8.

Overall though, I bet most mums of 20wk old babies would read your post with jealousy! Sleeping through? Only an hour max to settle to sleep? This would have sounded like heaven to me when dd was that age. Naps are difficult. Don't think I've mastered them yet at all. Butt it sounds like you are doing great.

Sorry I can't be more help.

pipplin Tue 23-Nov-10 13:00:50

Thank you for your reply. I know we are very lucky he does sleep through. I think he must of known I had written this as last night he just didn't sleep. The only sleep he did have was on me then woke up unsettled for about an hour.
It's the getting him to sleep which is the problem.
I will try a bath then feed tonight about 7 and see how that goes for the next few days.
I think I need to crack the routine before I try self soothing.

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